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            Shaka Kayaks is first and foremost an eco-friendly tour.  Our motto is “Take only pictures and leave only a wake”.  Here at Shaka Kayaks we have developed an innovative waste management system that hopefully will be the model for other eco adventure tours.  We track inventory of all consumables that are brought along on the tour.  We then check them off on our checklist prior to leaving the beach to ensure that all trash has been collected and accounted for.  Our goal is to exceed our checklist by encouraging guests to pick up any trash they might find while on the tour and add it to our list.  All trash that can be recycled will be. 

*NEW* Souvenir Water Bottle

            In keeping with our eco-friendly philosophy Shaka Kayaks has now replaced the generic water bottles on the tour with re-usable bike bottles.  Each morning these bottles are taken out of their factory packing and filled with local Menehune Water Co. bottled water.  This is our effort to reduce the amount of plastic bottles going to our landfills.  The best part about it is you get to keep your bottle at the end of the tour as a gift from us so that you too can help with the three "R's" and Reduce your footprint by Re-using your water bottle and eventually Recycling it when it gets old.

Animal interaction

            Shaka Kayaks is also an environmentally friendly tour.  Prior to participating in the tour guides will educate you on how to properly interact with marine life.   Some of the key points on interaction include these NOAA guidelines:

            Turtles - If you see sea turtles out basking on the beach or in the water while snorkeling or kayaking, admire them from a reasonable distance and do not alter their natural behavior.  Please do not attempt to touch, ride, feed or harass sea turtles.

  Monk Seals - When viewing a monk seal on the beach, observe them from at least 150 feet away and limit your observation time to one-half hour.  Never attempt to swim with or touch a Hawaiian monk seal. They are wild animals and have been known to be aggressive and bite humans.

 Whales and Dolphins - Remain at least 100 yards from humpback whales, and at least 50 yards from other marine mammals.  Limit your time observing an animal to 1/2 hour.  Marine mammals should not be encircled or trapped between kayaks or shore.  If approached by a marine mammal or turtle while on a kayak, stop and allow the animal to pass. Kayak movement should be from the rear of the animal.

Local Culture

            At Shaka Kayaks we are very concerned with our local community.  We honor the local community by providing a cultural tour that incorporates Hawaiian history, educates guests on the Hawaiian language by calling the marine life their original Hawaiian names and respects the Hawaiian way of life.  There is a difference between "living local" and being a true local and we acknowledge and respect the difference. 

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