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*New* Baby Honu!


*New* Baby Honu!

Captain Scott and Baby Honu

Shaka Kayaks Volunteer Work

    Here at Shaka Kayaks we truly believe in protecting our environment and in particular caring for the endangered species of the North Shore.  This is why we volunteer up to 20 hours a week working with several government agencies such as NOAA, FWS and the HMSRTO.  Summertime is the time for babies on the North Shore and this year we are caring for a lot of them.


NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Every day our guides keep track of the green sea turtle population inside of Kawela Bay. Kawela Bay is where the very first green sea turtle study was done back in the early 80's by Dr. George Balazs who is the foremost authority on green sea turtles in the world.  Your naturalist guide monitors the green sea turtles for their size, sex, location and behavior along with the oceanic and atmospheric conditions.  This data is then sent back to Dr. Balazs team to be analyzed.  You can help us out on the tour and be part of this research effort by pointing out any turtles you see that the guides might have missed. Check out our Turtle Tracking page that is updated daily for the turtle spotted in the last week.


FWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -  Shaka Kayak's owner, Captain Scott, volunteers every week during green sea turtle nesting season for the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge.  We just recently released 58 baby honu into the wild and after all the hard work volunteering it has paid off with us being able to assist in this miracle of life.  Hopefully, someday soon, some of these turtles you will be able to see on our tour.


HMSRTO - Hawaiian Monk Seal Response Team Oahu - Captain Scott also volunteers for the monk seal response team.  On the morning of June 29th, 2010, R5AY "Honey Girl" gave birth to her second pup at Turtle Bay.  As volunteers we made sure that this pup was protected from human interaction for the 49 day cycle of weaning.  This included putting up fencing, signs and a 12 hour daily monitoring program.  "Au Maile" is now on her own and we expect her to make visits to Kawela Bay.  If you do happen to spot a monk seal on the tour, please let your guides know immediately.  ***Breaking News***  Honey Girl just gave birth to her third pup at Turtle Bay on July 29th, 2011 at 3pm at the exact same location!  Captain Scott was the first HMSRTO responder on the scene just minutes after the birth to protect them.  The new pup was named Kukui and is doing great!


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